Dekalking tablets for Miele-6 pieces

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  • 6 pieces, á 18 grams
  • Relaxing Good for 6x
  • Verlengt lifetime of the espresso machine
  • Improves the taste
  • Suitable for Miele, Siemens, Bosch, Gaggenau and Neff

The maintenance of your espresso machine / coffee machine is very important for the quality of your cup of coffee and the lifespan of your coffee machine. It is therefore necessary to descale your coffee machine regularly. You can do this inexpensively and confidently with our Eccellente Descaling Tablets for Miele. Most espresso machines tell you when it is time to descale. If your appliance does not indicate this, assume descaling once a month (with normal use). The Eccellente descaling tablets remove limescale deposits safely and reliably.


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